And that’s a season done!

C D'Alessio/ November 24, 2018/ Build and Modifications

This year saw 3 road-trips, 17 autocross events, a test and tune, and one (very wet) track-cross event adding up to about 5000 miles! I didn’t do a good job transcribing any of my notes as I went, but here’s a summary to cap things off. Overall, I’ve mostly found myself right where I ended last season driving-wise, but with

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Ready enough for the season to start

C D'Alessio/ April 8, 2018/ Build and Modifications

I’ve finally managed to get nearly everything installed in order to be ready for the season to start next week. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, but it’s close enough to go on with. Of both much and little importance: I finally got the head-unit installed and wired up to the steering wheel controls. Fully reading the instructions was the trick

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Slow work takes time…

C D'Alessio/ March 4, 2018/ Build and Modifications

There is nothing like early March in Chicago for installing parts, working on a cold concrete floor with steel parts – it’s great at sucking all the heat out of you. This is the start. I’m fortunate that I do not need the car during the week – I can leave it up and work a little here and there,

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Sneak peak at a few of the parts ready to go

C D'Alessio/ February 25, 2018/ Build and Modifications

I’ve spent the last few days getting parts I had already cleaned up and ready to install. A few of the new parts have started to show up as well, and I have nearly everything now. First thing that went into the car were the Weathertech floor mats – they hold up, and do a great job keeping all the

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Off to the scales: initial weigh-in

C D'Alessio/ February 15, 2018/ Build and Modifications

There is a lot of work ahead prepping the car, and I may not get all of it done before the season starts. Much depends on the weather – it’s been far too cold for working in an unheated garage, with temperatures last month hovering well below freezing for weeks. Hopefully that means fewer mosquitoes this year, but it kept

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The start of something new (but familiar)

C D'Alessio/ December 22, 2017/ Build and Modifications

Today I picked up a replacement BRZ. The weather cooperated, not too cold and no frozen stuff to be found, making the drive home on the stock tires a bit less nerve-wracking. The stock tires just aren’t cut out for snow. Overall impression: So much familiar, and yet a few things surprisingly different. The first thing I noticed was the

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Some days could go better

C D'Alessio/ November 16, 2017/ Build and Modifications

This has been a challenging season, to be sure. I made some setup changes coming into the first event. I also had decided I would start to document more of what I’m doing with/to the car, and the season, here. Clearly I’ve failed to write a single word, but the setup changes slowly grew on me, assisted by a full

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